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  • Concrete crushing & processing

    Concrete is after hardened to form a structure having a bulk polymer composites (with cement for cementitious materials, water, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, if necessary you can incorporation of admixtures and mineral admixture, with an appropriate proportion, through mixing, forming, curing to get concrete, which also known as ordinary concrete, it is widely used in civil engineering.

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  • Concrete crushing & processing

    Kefid Machinery specializing in the production of concrete making mill equipments, the specialized concrete mill equipments product concrete can be widely used in road construction. The most economical concrete production process main raw materials use crushed and grinded limestone powder or gypsum + fly ash.

    Fly ash by grinding mill grinding to achieve the required fineness of concrete, and then pulverized fly ash with gypsum (or use crushed and grinded limestone powder) and added directly by a certain ratio sent into pulper stirring. In the pulp, the timing of water is conducive to appropriate concentration initially prepare a slurry.

    Finally, fly ash, cement, gypsum powder fed by the feeder within electronic powder measure scale, the cumulative metered by the metering scale tripper unloaded into pouring mixer. Materials and waste slurry ash slurry storage tank by the respective valve opens under the floor directly into the slurry ingredients within electronic measurement scale accumulation, when the weight of the slurry reaches the ingredients required, by the automation system tank discharge valve closed to stop the discharge. Good measure slurry poured into the mixer according to instructions.

    Concrete crushing & processing APPLICATIONS

    Concrete after processing can be widely applied to many industries, road construction, foundation engineering, etc, civil engineering, concrete is the most widely used, the largest amount of a building material. Concrete is the most versatile, the largest amount of a building material in civil engineering.